Sunday, February 21, 2010

So, I'm a misandrist now

Okay, I just learned that I'm a misandrist- someone who does not like men. Being male myself, this is unusual. Well, it would be more accurate to say that I dislike the way that men are expected to act in our society, rather then the sex itself. I lay the following charges against the male species- warning, here there be stereotypes:

* They are overly raunchy and sexual
* They think of everything as a competition
* They are sexist
* They are also homophobic, to the point where they think of everything they dislike as 'gay'
* They are loud and they smell
* They are uncultured
* They are violent

These don't apply to all men, but these are, more or less, the expectations that society has for men. Indeed, many men celebrate these failings. Yes, women can be just as awful as men, but they tend to be awful in different ways.

Now, I'm not homosexual myself. I look like it, and I act like it- what with my flambouyant hand movements, unusual fashion sense, and love of theater-, but I remain robustly heterosexual. I have been mistaken for being gay a lot, though, so I have always been sympathetic towards actual homosexuals. I say, love and/or sleep with whatever sex you like, just don't involve me. But I can't be gay, because that would involve having sex with other men, who, as I have said, are a thoroughly loathsome subspecies. In fact, I dislike the term 'heterosexual' as well, since it implies a certain masculinity. Thus, I consider myself a male lesbian. I have no interest in ever getting a sex change, mind you, but on the whole, I have little use for society's perceptions of masculinity.

Now, you may be wondering what brought this on. Well, nothing, really. I had an okay day yesterday, I wasn't bullied or anything. It just occurred to me, as I returned to my dorm last night, the reason why I don't get on as well with my fellow males.

Anyway, I'm not angry about this revelation. I'm actually kind of glad that I've noticed it. Again, I don't actively hate or wish harm upon other men, I just don't like the way that our society expects them to behave. Thus, I'm beginning my personal reconquista- I'm taking the male gender back. When I'm through with it, men are going to be nicer, more tolerant, and cultured. If anyone wants to join the good fight, spread the word.

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  1. I'm a hetero male lesbian also. I experience it as having the female courtship inclination of remaining passive and expecting the woman to make all the moves. Hopefully, you and other MLs figure out quickly that unless you play in a band you have to take assertive action. Unfortunately, I also suffer from the related conditions of love-shyness and Asperger's.